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GPS Training AcademyGlobal Protective Services (GPS) 

Global Protective Services, Inc. – dba: GPS Training Academy (GPS) currently provides security force services (ranging from uniformed security officers to executive protection and vehicle patrols), Safety & Security Vulnerability Assessments, and Disaster Planning and Response. GPS was formed after identifying an industry need for higher quality security forces and Safety & Security Vulnerability Assessments, specifically for organizations that are of a higher profile. GPS personnel have been performing security services and Safety & Security Vulnerability Assessments throughout the United States since 2003. GPS also operates a Training Center that provides various training courses to its own security service personnel and those pursuing licensing as a security officer as well as safety related training to corporate clients and the community at-large. We train in excess of 200 students annually.

We at GPS believe in maintaining the highest professional standards. Having a disciplined force of trained and experienced professionals alleviates many of the common problems associated within the security business. GPS personnel are screened and trained by active law enforcement personnel with specialized training and expertise in interview and interrogation, surveillance, parcel interdiction, dignitary protection, and narcotics to name only a few.

GPS follows a simple process in our service practice. We hire and retain only high quality personnel possessing Courage, Honor, Discipline and Trust as well as a proven work ethic. Many of our personnel have been recruited from other security companies, each drawn by our high pay rates and advanced training programs. Each prospective employee is carefully vetted and must pass an extensive background check, interview and potential drug screening before being considered for employment with GPS. GPS takes every precaution to ensure that only the most highly qualified and motivated security officers are selected for a position within GPS. GPS’ mission:

“To provide exceptional service to our clients by safeguarding property, and enhancing safety and quality of life.”

Our goal at GPS is to provide and maintain the best quality of service to our clients. At GPS, we believe in the quality rather than the quantity of our contracts. GPS utilizes an Advisory Board (comprised of active law enforcement officials) that meets on a monthly basis to discuss on-going contracts, training trends, relative legislation changes, revisions, etc. Our Advisory Board (6 members) collectively has over 122 years of law enforcement experience, including but not limited to operational experience throughout Mexico, Canada, Asia and Europe. Our Advisory Board maintains a high degree of expertise in their related field (Dignitary/Executive Protection, Emergency Medical Technician, Threat Assessment, Sexual Predator Apprehension, Kidnapping, Homicide, Physical Methods of Arrest, First Aid/CPR/AED, HazMat Recognition & Response, De-Escalation Methods, Narcotic Identification & Use, Conflict Resolution, Gang Awareness & Identification, Cultural Diversity, etc.).

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We believe in maintaining the highest professional standards. Having a disciplined force of trained and experienced professionals alleviates many of the common problems associated with the security business.

Santa Clarita’s Best Security Training Center

Our Headquarters Office and BSIS certified Training Center is located at 24973 Avenue Stanford, Valencia Ca 91355.  Our office phone number is 661-295-1241.  You may contact us regarding employment opportunities, training, or security needs.  A web form is provided below if you wish to contact us by the web.  Thank you!

GPS Corporate Headquarters and Training Academy:
24973 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355 Phone (661) 295-1241
Fax (480) 287-9290

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