Response to a Violent Encounter (Immediate Action for Executives & Managers)

Today violence at the workplace has become more prevalent than ever. Whether a government office, corporation, retail establishment or school, managers need to know what to do in the event of a violent encounter such as the infamous "Active Shooter". Are you and your managers prepared to resond to such an encounter? This course provides guidance to executives and managers regarding:

- Profile of the typical workplace violence employee
- Warning signs

- Preparing for an managing a violent encounter
- How to respond to a violent encounter
- How to respond when law enforcement arrives
- Training your staff for violent encounter
- Good practices for coping with a violent encounter
- Human Resource and facility manager responsibility
- Recognizing potential workplace violence
- Managing the consequences of a violent encounter
- Lessons learned
- References

(2-4 hours)

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Course Price: 
$50.00 per person