Cris Abad

Mr. Abad has been with GPS since January 2011. Previously, Mr. Abad was employed as a Special Agent Supervisor with the CA Department of Justice (DOJ). Mr. Abad had a very successful career with the DOJ that lasted more than 33 years. Mr. Abad served as a Special Agent Supervisor within the DOJ with the Bureau of Firearms and most recently with the Bureau of Gambling Control. During his law enforcement career, he also served as a Special Agent within the DOJ with a long-standing assignment to the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. Upon his honorable retirement from the DOJ, GPS was fortunate to gain Mr. Abad as a Regional Manager.




  • Advanced Entry Tactics
  • Firearms
  • Report Writing
  • Under Cover Operations
  • Specialized Surveillance Equipment & Techniques

Cris Abad, Regional Manager: Orange County