Quality Assurance

Quality Control in the Security Business

thecubeAt GPS, we take our commitment to providing excellent services to our customers seriously.  Our management team embraces a philosophy that views security as a strategic investment, a partnership with the clients rather than just a necessity. Investing in security is vital to minimize risk and liability, improve customer service and user satisfaction, reduce instances of theft and loss of assets, and prevent accidents at work. Once we have set up a customized security plan for our customers, we maintain quality control by re-evaluating threats and needs of the site.  The Quality Assurance practices used by Global Protective Services are what set us apart from our competitors.

We have the experience and expertise to recruit and train employees, allocate technological resources, manage operational teams, and support invoicing systems in an efficient and effective manner. We see our customers as business partners.

We are driven to perform on the cutting edge of evolving security industry standards and expectations at every level of management. Rather than merely meeting national and international requirements, we constantly push the boundaries of the industry to provide increasingly skillfully enhanced services.
red cellDedicated quality assurance departments within GPS make continuous improvement their sole goal, providing guidance and metrics to help the company perform at its very best.  As you may have read in our security blog, GPS has a “Red Cell Program: Quality Assurance”:

Present Day Red Cell Operations

Our present day Red Cell Operations involve the physical security spectrum. Global Protective Services has clients from Delano to San Diego. Our clients are diverse, each having its own security needs (casinos, home-owners associations, educational facilities, warehouses, business complexes, retail businesses, etc.) We fashion red cell operations to suit each of these needs. While we maintain an ongoing red cell program, we also can implement a quality assurance red cell operation at the request of a client on short notice.


Quality Assurance isn’t just about the negatives!

Key performance indicators are thoroughly tracked, giving us an in-depth understanding of how the company measures up to expectations. Ideally, any sub-optimal performance can be corrected before it impacts operations. Meanwhile, even the best performing indicators are scrutinized to encourage continued improvement.