Annual Refresher Course

Global Protective Services Security Training Refresher CourseThe Annual Refresher Course is required by BSIS for each security officer to take each year to keep their training requirements up to date. This is an 8-hour course that covers a wide variety of topics and is required to be taken each year by all officers.

The following is a listing of part IV of Article 9 from the BSIS Requirement as listed on the BSIS Website.


IV. Continuing Education

Objective: To provide additional or remedial instruction in private security subject matter. The continuing education requirement, of an additional 8 hours annually pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 7583.6(f) (1), commenced on January 5, 2005.

The annual training may be provided by an independent training entity or may be provided by the employer. Employer provided training should be supported by evaluation of the licensed guards’ skills. The annual training may repeat previous course(s), or may provide additional course(s) on topics applicable to private security work.

Our 8-Hour refresher course contains topics from the following courses out of the standard BSIS 40-Hour Course set:

  • Power to Arrest / Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Communication and its Significance
  • Public Relations
  • Observation and Documentation
  • Liability / Legal Aspects
  • Arrests, Search and Seizure