Simunitions Training

Simunition Training


simunition training GPS securityGPS Simunition training for Civilians.

Last week GPS instructors attended the General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Simunition® Scenario Safety Course in Boston, MA. This course certified Global Protective Services to train responsible citizens with the Simunition® product line inclusive of training tools and weapons systems.

Simunition training, a safe alternative to actual range time with firearms

Global Protective Services Instructors obtained an understanding of the FX® ammunitiontechnology, weapon system conversion kits, Simunition® protective equipment, and advanced training and safety standards. The key to effective training is realism. With the Simunition® Training System students can improve critical skills and decision making ability under varied stressful conditions. Scenario based training ensures students apply proper tactics and techniques in real time and under realistic conditions. Repeated exposure to realistic training conditions students to perform more efficiently under real world critical stress when the need arises.

training-electiveThe Simunition® Training System enables students to use their ownweapon systems, modified with Simunition® conversion kits, in non-lethal, force-on-target and force-on-force scenarios. Students are able to train as close to reality without compromising range safety. Conversion kits are available for the majority of the handguns owned by responsible citizens. Additionally, Simunition® offers conversion kits for the M16/M4 series of rifles as well as the 12 gauge pump action shotgun.

GPS will be utilizing this training to launch an added level of training to not only our security officer personnel, but the community at large.